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Monday, February 17, 2014

Selection of Kansas District Court Chief Judge

The Topeka Capital Journal reports on two bills in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  One would end the Supreme Court's authority to choose who the chief judge is in each of the state's 31 judicial districts, in favor of allowing the state's trial judges to vote.  "A separate bill also would strip the Supreme Court of its administrative authority over the entire judicial branch's budget in favor of allowing 31 separate judicial budgets that would be administered by each district."

One of the more interesting comments, by someone called "doubltap", says "This is just payback for the [Supreme Court of Kansas]  not minding it's own damned business on school funding. If the liberal demo appointments had kept their noses out of the K-12 funding issues, they would not be getting their butts kicked by the legislature today. But, of course, the whole purpose of [Gov. Sebelius] appointing her cronies to the courts was to facilitate quid pro quo for the KNEA, who contributed to heavily to her campaign. Hopefully, Kansans will get to vote on a constitutional amendment this November which will eradicate the qualitative language that currently give this bunch of judicial activists a hook to hang their hats on, and we can get back to the legislature, not the court's liberal stooges, determining proper funding for our schools."

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