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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Selection to the Canadian Supreme Court

News: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the appointment of a Quebec judge to the Supreme Court of Canada on Tuesday, three months after the top court rejected his previous appointment of Marc Nadon."  Three of the court's nine members must be from Quebec.

The National Post reports opposition party "justice critic Fran├žoise Boivin said Judge Gascon has a 'stellar reputation' and that he was a 'great nomination' for the high court....Ms. Boivin said she has no concerns about a lack of any confirmation hearing, a process the Conservatives established that gives MPs their only chance to question Supreme Court justices about their legal background."

Adam M. Dodek, Vice-Dean Research and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law,
University of Ottawa (Common Law Section), has written Reforming the Supreme Court Appointment Process, 2004-2014: A Ten Year Democratic Audit

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