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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Partisan Battle to Appoint to Virginia Supreme Court

Virginia is one of only two states in which the legislature selects the supreme court. As noted earlier,   A Democratic governor recently filled a vacancy with someone (Justice Jane Marum Roush) the Republican legislature recently chose to replace.As the Richmond Times reports, "If the legislature remains in session, Roush would have to leave the court 30 days from Monday without legislative endorsement. If it remains adjourned, McAuliffe could appoint her to another interim term that would last until 30 days following the next session of the General Assembly.


  1. $9 Million Fraud Judgment Against Antony Gordon In Federal Court

    This fraud judgment has led to Antony Gordon Los Angeles Chapter Seven bankruptcy, which is a straight liquidation.
    This (2:13-ap-01536-DS 1568931 Ontario Ltd., an Ontario (Canada Corporati v. Gordon et al) looks like a $9 million dollar fraud judgment in federal court against Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon (an attorney, motivational speaker, and hedge fund manager).


  2. Please pay no attention to the recent $9 million fraud judgment against Antony Gordon aka Rabbi Chanan Chanen Channen Gordon. The desire to know about such things comes from the citra acura and it is precisely this lashon hara that destroyed the Second Temple.

    This is truly the year to kick it with tefilla and Torah study and business ethics! Baruch HaShem! When Moshiach comes, the goyim will plead with us to steal their money and to charge them big bucks for lessons in business ethics for CLE credits!

    Let’s get some tools now so that we can cleave to the Almighty through our humble prayers. This is a must for every jew, teacher and will be our worldwide theme for the upcoming Yom Tovim. this is the year of Teffilla!!!!!!!!